About the company

For more than 20 years, AGSP operates in in the electricity sector: construction projects, infrastructure and development and provides services to medium and large companies (industry, commercial, residential construction) and public bodies (health and safety) and to the civilian organization in infrastructure (lighting roads) and more ... As such, The company has extensive insight into the working methods and work processes, streamline the implementation process in different types of projects. The Company is a licensed contractor to perform work and holds ISO 9001:2000 standards and authorized to work in government offices and the Ministry of Defense.

AGSP delivers its professional services to customers through the use of two powerful tools. Dedicated employees who have the required level of professional knowledge ( engineers, qualified electricians, technicians, and assistants) and through the use and implementation of advanced approaches to project management at any level of complexity on the other. The company has great reputation and proven experience in the performance of dozens of different types of projects; All these help new customers make an informed decision when they hire the company to execute a project.

Whether you're looking for a for a reliable supplier for a major project for industry, housing or infrastructure (including implementation of infrastructure projects), or a solution for on specific topic such as: engineer checks, increasing the power, handling and upgrading Electric panel reports, upgrading a system or installation approval AGSP can give you the flexibility (by focusing effort and by holding AFT deadlines) and security (by ensuring quality and finishing). Feel free to visit us (by appointment only) at our headquarters and be impressed by the company's distinct character and its people.

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Harechev 7 St. Segola, Petach-Tiqwa
Zip: 49279
Phone: (972-3) 9042244
FAX: (972-3) 9042245
Email: info@agsp.co.il